Neatly Balanced Membership Packages based on Enneagram number! (Type 5)

The Investigator. PI. FBI. Police. All things I formerly thought I would be “When I grow up”. Sadly, I am not a police officer, FBI or Private Investigator but I am pretty investigative. Chances are, you are as well if you’re a Type 5 Enneagram. Your main priority in most things is information. Staying organized is no different. You don’t “sweat the small stuff” as some might say but you want your information in such a way that you can understand and access it easily.

For example, you probably don’t have your bike hanging from a rack or a hook in the garage because that doesn’t make sense to you. You bike everyday so it’s easier to have the bike at the bottom of the steps into the garage, standing next to the rack that IS holding your bike helmet.

You probably also have your kids put the things they play with most often at the top of the toy bins, or at the front of the shelf, and the items they play with the least at the bottom/back AND you’re probably good about donating items that are only collecting dust.

The BEST NEATLY BALANCED PACKAGE FOR YOU is the BALANCE option because you have the information easily accessible – we come twice a month for three hours each time so staying organized is easy!

Neatly Balanced Membership Packages Based On Enneagram Number (Type 4)

You go, girl! You do you! That’s how you look at life if you are an Enneagram type 4. AKA: The Individualist.

Some people probably look at you and think you are not at all organized. While that actually isn’t the case, you can’t be bothered with what others are thinking of you, because you are being YOUR. OWN. PERSON. You don’t do everything the way people think you should. You make your own decisions based on what works that day, and on your mood and your family’s mood. This may mean you cancel at the last minute because the kids just need alone time, but you can’t be bothered to worry about who you may be upsetting because your family matters the most. And not in a selfish way; you just have your priorities straight. Not everything is by the book and that is more than ok with you.

When it comes to organizing your husband’s baseball hats and your kids swimsuits – you go for practical and what makes the most sense. (AKA: none of them are running to YOU and asking where these items are because they are in plain sight. Probably the back of his closet door for hats, and in a basket labeled “SUMMER STUFF” for your kids swimsuits, flip flops, and anything else they need for only a couple months out of the year) You are the post-it note QUEEN because, again, it’s what makes the most sense for YOU. You probably even have a catch all basket in the mud room or by the garage door for everything that doesn’t have an actual home – kids homework folders and backpacks, your fave pair of house slippers and so on) You allow your kids to figure out their own way of organizing their rooms or desks because you are all about creativity.

The BEST NEATLY BALANCED ORGANIZING PACKAGE FOR YOU is the Minimalist package because we come once a month for a couple hours and again, you don’t MIND if things get messed up. You do what works for you and that means things aren’t always put together in perfect order.

Neatly Balanced Membership Packages Based on Enneagram Number (Type 3)

Type 3’s are known as the Achiever!

When discussing type 3’s I usually say you are determined. You are determined to have everything in your life PUT TOGETHER. You are not generally caught off guard because YOU are the one who has weekly schedules up front and easy for everyone in the family to see (and you expect them to remember!). You need to impress everyone around you with how put together you are but not in a show offy way – you just aren’t surprised by things because you anticipate! You make sure things go according to Plan A – but you already have Plan B, C and D ready to go – but they won’t need to because you will MAKE SURE PLAN A HAPPENS.

Your office is clutter free, the kids’ backpacks are hanging by the door, ready for them to grab each morning, and their healthy snacks are packed the night before. Your home is even decorated in an order that makes sense – breakable items are kept out of reach so small children don’t break priceless items. You hold everyone else to the high standard you have always held yourself to, and you see no reason why that should be a problem. Best of all? You’re ON TOP of donating LAST YEAR’S BACKPACKS AND LUNCH BOXES because of course your kids got new ones this year. Heaven forbid their friend’s mom remember they used the Star Wars lunchbox last year – it definitely will be Bluey this year.

The BEST NEATLY BALANCED MEMBERSHIP PLAN for you is the JOY package because you are so on top of planning ahead and maintaining organization (while the kids are out of the house and at school) that you have already scheduled out the weekly visits we make for the entire year! Go you!

Neatly Balanced Membership Packages based on Enneagram number! (Type 2)

Hi! It’s me. I’m the (It’s not a) problem…

No, seriously. It’s NEVER a problem or a bother to be ANY of the Enneagram numbers but some of us (ahem) are more neurotic (ie: we strive for excellence!) about it than others…But I AM a Type 2 Enneagram and in my humble opinion, we are the best because we are HELPERS and who doesn’t love and appreciate a helper?! Even as kids, (if you’re a product of the ’80’s like me) our mom’s would always say “Don’t you want to be mommy’s special HELPER?!?” like it was title to achieve. Since my birthday is in a couple days it was perfect timing to post this blog, talking about ME, today! =)

The downside (there’s a downside?!?!?!?!) to being a 2 is we are SUUUUUPER organized when it comes to others. We are ALL IN when it comes to helping others stay put together, and know where everything is, even if they are calling you while you are on vacation to ask if you can remember where they stored the photo album from Junior Year Spring Break trip to Florida 10 years ago – you DEFINITELY know where they put it because you pull it down and talk about all the fun times you had every. single. time. you. visit. Yes… We can and WILL put all the time in, creating ways to stay organized when others are concerned but we always put ourselves last, INCLUDING organizing our lives.

Sorting and storing things like waffle makers, coffee pots and ice cream makers is frustrating because they involve wires, small parts, and ALLLL THE pieces. Even the items that are not used every single day MUST be left out because so and so gave it to us as a wedding gift and JUST IN CASE they pop over from Idaho for a quick smoothie they NEED to know we LOVE the blender and use it – SEE????? While we know, cognitively that these things “should” be put into a cabinet or other storage space, we just can’t (won’t) risk upsetting those friends we haven’t seen in six years.

We certainly have a way we PREFER things to go but if it doesn’t get put where it belongs? No biggie…we care more about how things make us FEEL. We are the ones who have things we don’t even LIKE sitting out on shelves because our sweet Aunt Darla gave it to us when we were seven and we wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings should she come back to life (she died eleven years ago) and ever visit our new house that we’ve lived in for ten years.

On a positive note, everyone always feels super comfortable when visiting because your (our) spaces are welcoming, lived in and REAL life.

All that said, the BEST Neatly Balanced Package for Enneagram 2’s would be the EVERYTHING package because we are so busy helping everyone else organize their lives, we only have once every few months to focus on organizing our own life!

Yes, we Enneagram 2’s are DEFINITELY THE BEST =) although our significant others are shaking their heads because FINALLY they feel understood and seen, right about now.

Neatly Balanced Membership Packages based on Enneagram number! (Type 1)

Do you know your enneagram number/type? If not, chances are someone will ask you about it by the end of the day. It’s a great way to better understand more about why we are the way we are! There are 9 types and I thought it may be fun to dive into the various types a little more, especially in how it relates to organizational habits and preferences!

Especially, now because Neatly Balanced just launched membership subscriptions and I thought it would be perhaps helpful to determine which package may be right for YOU! (Psst, did you know we travel nationwide?!)

Today we will discover more about Type 1 Enneagram…I’d LOVE to know if this is YOUR time, so please drop a quick email and let me know!

Type 1 is known as the Reformer. Basically, this means EVERYONE knows you are very organized. It’s no surprise. You’ve probably even told everyone you meet that you feel there is a place for every single item. You like when items are IN. THEIR. PLACE. Simply put? You probably hang your favorite belt, scarf, purse by the door to grab easily and then find a storage bin or something out of sight for everything else. Your probably also feel more relaxed when things are in their “homes”, and you (absolutely!) have a system to make sure things stay the way you want them to. You are able to let your hair down when the moment calls for it, but you are more prone than other enneagram types to truly put focus on how organized your life is, sometimes to your own detriment — going with the flow is not exactly your style. You would be a GREAT client to choose the JOY PACKAGE because truly living the minimalist way works best for you, whether you’re intentionally planning to or not.

As always, we love hearing from those who find our website and business! Email or comment with questions!