Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed, and built – not suffered through or endured. My hope is to encourage you to see this can be easier than you may have originally thought. Over lots of time, and plenty of mistakes, I have found a way to fully live, enjoy and build my life in a healthier way.  Just because I share what works for me doesn’t mean it has to be what YOU choose to live by, but I do hope it creates building blocks to show you various tips and tricks to embrace whatever you choose to make of your life.


” Kristy is amazing! She helped me get organized prior to a huge 4200 square foot home move to Philadelphia. Her orderly skills made for a simplistic move. We started about three months prior and she worked from bedroom closets to garage and pool supplies storage! I was even more excited as she donated my items to a women’s shelter! Oh, and she took off all the things that I didn’t need to keep! She works efficiently and faster than I expected! Well worth every dime I spent! Such a pleasant experience!”

“Kristy is smart, kind and very patient. Great organizational skills and creative with her problem solving. Excellent follow through and NOT afraid to get her hands dirty.”

A little encouragement for your day..

Neatly Balanced Membership Packages based on Enneagram number! (Type 5)

The Investigator. PI. FBI. Police. All things I formerly thought I would be “When I grow up”. Sadly, I am not a police officer, FBI or Private Investigator but I am pretty investigative. Chances are, you are as well if you’re a Type 5 Enneagram. Your main priority in most things is information. Staying organized…

Neatly Balanced Membership Packages Based on Enneagram Number (Type 3)

Type 3’s are known as the Achiever! When discussing type 3’s I usually say you are determined. You are determined to have everything in your life PUT TOGETHER. You are not generally caught off guard because YOU are the one who has weekly schedules up front and easy for everyone in the family to see…