Letting Go

I don’t trust easily, and yet it seems when I feel myself letting guards down a little more, something happens and UP they go, again.  Each time, the walls I so carefully put up around my heart and soul are stronger and stronger, until sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever be able to getContinue reading “Letting Go”


“This being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”…If only I got paid for every time the above phrase has been spoken.  For a large chunk of time, we anxiously WAIT to grow up. We want to be a teen, then we want to be 16 and able to drive, then its 18Continue reading “WHY BEING AN ADULT ISN’T ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE”

Disconnect, to Connect

Nothing in life that is worth having, ever comes easily.  This is why you always hear about winning being so hard.  Looking at it from a sports analogy, you can break it down, analyze, try and reason it out, but the winning team is the one who makes the most RIGHT plays and choices. TheContinue reading “Disconnect, to Connect”

Perfect Love

I want to begin by including something an unknowing 4-year-old said to me years ago that caused me to stop and think about EVERY thing a little more. It was said so innocently, about something completely different – but it left a profound effect on me; she said, “Don’t forget to say all you wantedContinue reading “Perfect Love”