Neatly Balanced Membership Packages based on Enneagram number! (Type 1)

Do you know your enneagram number/type? If not, chances are someone will ask you about it by the end of the day. It’s a great way to better understand more about why we are the way we are! There are 9 types and I thought it may be fun to dive into the various typesContinue reading “Neatly Balanced Membership Packages based on Enneagram number! (Type 1)”

Losing Well

This post was originally started a while ago, but for whatever reason, I never finished and posted it. Just as God would have it, today it is perfect timing….In this life, much emphasis is placed on winning. In sports, team’s records are researched, pondered, analyzed and used in commentator’s scripts over and over. Rival teamsContinue reading “Losing Well”

Waiting for Time

Oxymorons are used in our daily life a lot more frequently than we may realize… People refer to a project being “Almost done”, “Authentic reproductions” of famous artifacts, “Airline food”(HA! Seriously?! I can’t even get a pack of peanuts from anyone other than Southwest Air), certain situations being “Beautiful disasters”, “Microsoft Works”(Never!), “Adult Males”…I mean,Continue reading “Waiting for Time”

Worth Remembering

I recently came across a journal entry from shortly after my dad died, and what I wrote was SO deep, profound, thought provoking that even now, thirteen years later, I found it worth remembering and worth mentioning again. On a different, but similar note, I recently heard a song by Tim McGraw and, even ifContinue reading “Worth Remembering”

Mrs Financially Independent

There were a lot of great suggestions and ideas for topics but one question that was asked over and over was for financial tips/advice/how to’s. Let me say, first and foremost, I am no expert. I have fallen down and stayed down for quite some time… over and over again. But I always get back up.  ItContinue reading “Mrs Financially Independent”