Las Vegas

The city that never sleeps, Sin City…several phrases try to encapsulate the magic that this place emotes but in my opinion, none do it justice. I have been to Las Vegas a few times now and each time I discover something different that I did not know before.

I recently took my mother for her first trip to Las Vegas and she absolutely loved it. She was astounded by the enormous hotels, the trillion casino games that greeted us every single time we walked into a hotel and the fact that you can see a different show every night for a week and still not put a dent in them all. On previous trips to Las Vegas I have seen Cirque Du Soleil shows “O” and “Mystere” along with several other Cirque Du Soleil shows at other cities in America. “O” was by far my favorite, as I loved watching aerialists and other performers dive from nearly the top of the arena into a huge pool of water.

While planning the trip with my mom I asked what she most wanted to do and she declared far and above the most important thing was seeing Carrie Underwood‘s residency at Resorts World . She also just wanted to take time walking around and seeing the inside of all the different hotels and their themes. And boy, did we walk! I have a fit bit and we averaged between 25,000 and 30,000 steps PER DAY.

I booked our room on and we stayed at the Luxor which is at the south end of the strip and it was perfect for us. There is a monorail tram you can pick up at the Luxor that takes you to the north end of the Excalibur, saving about 10 minutes of walking. From there, you can easily walk to the crosswalk at New York, New York Hotel and Casino which is above the street, and connects to the MGM. Inside the MGM is another monorail that costs $5 per ride, $13/day or 4 days for $36 and it runs from MGM all the way to the Stratosphere Hotel which is at the very north end of the strip, with multiple, quick stops along the way. It saves a TON of time AND a TON of walking. It was the best $26 we spent! We ate so much delicious food, chatted with many other visitors (either because my sweet mom offered to take pictures for every single person in Vegas, or because we were stopped at a crosswalk or in line to get food, or…She basically spoke to everyone ha!) and enjoyed the Carrie Underwood concert and the “O” show. We also rode the Gondolas at the Venetian resort and ate delicious Italian cuisine at Eataly authentic Italian food and gelato. It was all so fun!

Also, did I mention that in late March, when we were there, it was in the 90’s everyday?! Pools at all the resorts were open and MUCH NEEDED after walking around in the heat. It was all splendid and we are already talking about going again.

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