I had the magnificent pleasure of visiting Italy in the fall of 2017. A friend of mine was getting married in the little village of Orvieto and I planned a two week vacation for my (at the time) fiancé and me to spend time in Italy (Orvieto and Rome), Amsterdam, Paris and London. For this blog post, I’m only writing about my time in Italy.

We flew into New York City, grabbed dinner with my cousin and her husband, then flew to Oslo, Norway for a six hour layover, then flew on to Rome. From the airport we caught a two hour train ride into Orvieto. It was the CUTEST little town, and reminded me of a story book. It had cobble stone streets, clothes lines hanging from upper story windows, red and white checkered table cloths at most every restaurant, and they brought wine to you BEFORE they offered water. It was decadent, and I haven’t even mentioned the gelato, yet! I am lactose intolerant so I stocked up on dairy pills before we went, because I knew I’d be eating a lot of cheese, while there. However, I didn’t need a single dairy pill!! Something in the way food is pasteurized there, but it didn’t bother me at all! It was truly heaven on earth.

After the wedding, which was held inside a castle, we took the train back to Rome for the day and made the absolute most of it! In one day we saw the Spanish Steps , Trevi Fountain , the Colosseum and the Vatican and Saint Peter’s Square, and so much more. It was such a beautiful place, and I would go back ANYTIME!

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