Columbus, OH

Ok, there is much to be said about this place. First, it’s Eric’s hometown. But REALLY, the first and most important thing to know is it is the home of OSU (or as the locals call it, “THE” Ohio State University *insert eye roll*). This is worth noting because, when we first met, Ohio State had not yet played the now infamous 31-0 game against my life long favorite team “THE” Clemson Tigers


 I told Eric very sincerely when we first began dating that I’d always pull for OSU and he agreed that he’d always pull for Clemson because “they weren’t even in the same conference and Clemson isn’t that great, ever” (said I, of little faith). In September of 2016, I went with Eric to visit his family in Ohio and he took me to an OSU game. Being the good girlfriend I was, I even donned an OSU shirt (but of course, I also wore a Clemson hat because, first love and balance, duh). Then came that fateful Fiesta Bowl Game day in December of 2016 when I had to work and declared that I couldn’t possibly watch that game with Eric anyway, because as a “my week will be ruined if we lost” type fan, I just knew OSU would walk all over us and I would be heartbroken. Then came the moment when I had a chance to look at the screen at work and saw the score! I was ecstatic and immediately called Eric to say as soon as I got off work we should TOTALLY meet up to watch the end of the game! Needless to say, he got a crash course in what kind of fan I really was. Since then, it’s been GAME ON when the Buckeyes and Tigers meet on the field but since Clemson is 2-1 in those meetings, for now, our relationship has stayed on course.

Over the last six years together, I’ve spent a great deal of time in Columbus and I love it! There is so much to do, and so many great places to eat! As a Southern girl, we don’t have Max and Erma’s, so that’s always a request when we are in his hometown. But, we generally seek out local, independent places and have found several we love… Local Cantina is awesome, The Goat (which we now have here!) has amazing food with something for everyone, (For brunch you HAVE to try the mixed berry french toast. OMG it will change your life) and a fun ambiance. I basically order a veggie burger, or some type of fish everywhere we go (boring, I know), but Eric loves their tots and Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. For a nice date night, we love visiting Mitchell’s Ocean Club (and definitely save room for dessert!).  Condado Tacos is probably my favorite because they have a large vegetarian/pescatarian menu. I get the Dirty Soy Chorizo and High Rise tacos, and Eric loves everything else ha! Eric is a big fan of breweries and craft beer, so we have visited Elevator Brewery a time or two and one of our favorite spots to grab a drink and catch up with friends is Short North Tavern, Arch City Tavern and Mike’s Grill. For food, you CAN NOT miss Melt and Tommy’s Pizza .

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