Homemade House Cleaner

This “recipe” is a little different. I’ve shared with many of you how I try my best to avoid all chemically filled food and that has started to carry over into my household cleaners, as well. Why would I put poison on my countertops to “Clean” when there are clearly warning labels on the bottle about what to do if ingested?! I wanted to share some of my favorites with you in case you’d also like to make the change to less toxic and more friendly cleaners that still do a great job!

8 oz water

4 oz distilled white vinegar

15 drops essential oil (I use tea tree, lemon, cedarwood and in the winter, peppermint or cinnamon!)

15 drops lemon essential oil (lemon and tea tree oil mixed with vinegar can clean ANYTHING!)

glass spray bottle (Also helps to label it, although I use the same cleaner for everything…my floors, toilets, sinks, countertops, etc…it works everywhere!)

Add all ingredients to spray bottle, close bottle and shake to mix. Each time you use, swirl or shake bottle to mix everything well before spraying.

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