Photo By Walker Media Group

Living a balanced life, for me, begins each day with a workout.

Some days its the gym for an hour on various machines or a class.

Other days it’s a quick home workout with the fit52.com app, or http://builtforher.com (Big supporter of workouts designed for women, over here!) but for me, setting my mind in the right direction before my day begins is of utmost importance.

Don’t have a gym membership? Don’t have home equipment? No problem.

I want to show you easy ways to stay fit without having to leave your house.

No excuses. Healthy changes.

The photo below is actually of me, just before starting my very first Cooper Ridge Bridge Run, an annual 10K held in Charleston, SC. Runners actually go up, across and back down the huge bridge, as we run across the Cooper River. No other race has been nearly as exhilarating as this one!

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