California 2.0

My husband and I recently spent time in California although it was a different area than where we have spent a lot of time in the past.





We spent 2 days in Palm Springs and I fell in love. We visited Joshua Tree (Because how can you NOT when you are that close?!) and walked ALL around the cute downtown of Palm Springs (Shoutout to Sam’s downtown who served me the most delicious Avocado Toast!!) We also treated ourselves by staying at the La Quinta Resort and oh my celebrity it felt like we were one! I was ready to move in permanently and never return home. We had a delicious meal celebrating my husband’s birthday at Adobe Mexican grill, then had a celebratory cocktail at La Quinta Cliffhouse and the views were beautiful.

After an unforgettable couple of days, we drove up to Montecito, a coastal haven just outside Santa Barbara and spent a magical day and a half driving around the quaint streets and grabbing delectable treats at Renaud’s Bakery – a place I never miss when there! Their dark chocolate hearts, chocolate croissants and pretty much everything else on their menu is just too good to not indulge in! If you’re in the mood to splurge, Caruso’s inside the Rosewood is delicious Italian. I also love (for a more casual experience) Broad Street Oyster Bar for quite possibly the BEST Lobster Roll I have ever had in my life! I could have kept eating and kept eating until I popped! It’s also located on State Street, which is where a lot of the nightlife is if that’s your jam. There are cool cocktail bars, dive bars and cute stores that are fun to explore. If you have more than just one day there is SO MUCH MORE to explore and do in this cute little town. Hikes galore, beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and spotlessly clean beaches to enjoy. If tours are your thing, definitely start with Casa del Herrero an architectural landmark set on 11 acres! From there, check out the magnificent Folded Hills winery and tasting room for a treat! Driving around Santa Barbara is a treat in and of itself but there are the cutest places to stop in and explore everywhere!

From there we enjoyed a couple days in Los Angeles before heading home. Driving around the magical Hollywood Hills is always good for dreaming of beautiful homes, and fancy cars. We also enjoyed a FABULOUS dinner at Catch L.A. where we (and by “we” I mean my husband, since I don’t eat meat) devoured the Wagyu surf and turf roll, and the Catch Roll, for appetizers. We split the Sea Bass, and also all three sides (when we were there it was Brussels Sprouts, Broccolini and Truffle Fries that were OUT OF THIS WORLD) for dinner and were promptly stuffed. We enjoyed a post dinner cocktail at private and quiet Sunset and Vinyl . Good luck finding it as it’s very, VERY privately located but it was especially nice to sit in a quiet space and have great conversation.

There is never enough time in the state that holds my heart for it’s laid back, casual vibe and where cut off shorts, flip flops and a baseball hat with wind blown hair is always welcome – but until next time…

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