Neatly Balanced Membership Packages based on Enneagram number! (Type 5)

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The Investigator. PI. FBI. Police. All things I formerly thought I would be “When I grow up”. Sadly, I am not a police officer, FBI or Private Investigator but I am pretty investigative. Chances are, you are as well if you’re a Type 5 Enneagram. Your main priority in most things is information. Staying organized is no different. You don’t “sweat the small stuff” as some might say but you want your information in such a way that you can understand and access it easily.

For example, you probably don’t have your bike hanging from a rack or a hook in the garage because that doesn’t make sense to you. You bike everyday so it’s easier to have the bike at the bottom of the steps into the garage, standing next to the rack that IS holding your bike helmet.

You probably also have your kids put the things they play with most often at the top of the toy bins, or at the front of the shelf, and the items they play with the least at the bottom/back AND you’re probably good about donating items that are only collecting dust.

The BEST NEATLY BALANCED PACKAGE FOR YOU is the BALANCE option because you have the information easily accessible – we come twice a month for three hours each time so staying organized is easy!

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