Neatly Balanced Membership Packages Based On Enneagram Number (Type 4)

beige queen folder

You go, girl! You do you! That’s how you look at life if you are an Enneagram type 4. AKA: The Individualist.

Some people probably look at you and think you are not at all organized. While that actually isn’t the case, you can’t be bothered with what others are thinking of you, because you are being YOUR. OWN. PERSON. You don’t do everything the way people think you should. You make your own decisions based on what works that day, and on your mood and your family’s mood. This may mean you cancel at the last minute because the kids just need alone time, but you can’t be bothered to worry about who you may be upsetting because your family matters the most. And not in a selfish way; you just have your priorities straight. Not everything is by the book and that is more than ok with you.

When it comes to organizing your husband’s baseball hats and your kids swimsuits – you go for practical and what makes the most sense. (AKA: none of them are running to YOU and asking where these items are because they are in plain sight. Probably the back of his closet door for hats, and in a basket labeled “SUMMER STUFF” for your kids swimsuits, flip flops, and anything else they need for only a couple months out of the year) You are the post-it note QUEEN because, again, it’s what makes the most sense for YOU. You probably even have a catch all basket in the mud room or by the garage door for everything that doesn’t have an actual home – kids homework folders and backpacks, your fave pair of house slippers and so on) You allow your kids to figure out their own way of organizing their rooms or desks because you are all about creativity.

The BEST NEATLY BALANCED ORGANIZING PACKAGE FOR YOU is the Minimalist package because we come once a month for a couple hours and again, you don’t MIND if things get messed up. You do what works for you and that means things aren’t always put together in perfect order.

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