Neatly Balanced Membership Packages Based on Enneagram Number (Type 3)

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Type 3’s are known as the Achiever!

When discussing type 3’s I usually say you are determined. You are determined to have everything in your life PUT TOGETHER. You are not generally caught off guard because YOU are the one who has weekly schedules up front and easy for everyone in the family to see (and you expect them to remember!). You need to impress everyone around you with how put together you are but not in a show offy way – you just aren’t surprised by things because you anticipate! You make sure things go according to Plan A – but you already have Plan B, C and D ready to go – but they won’t need to because you will MAKE SURE PLAN A HAPPENS.

Your office is clutter free, the kids’ backpacks are hanging by the door, ready for them to grab each morning, and their healthy snacks are packed the night before. Your home is even decorated in an order that makes sense – breakable items are kept out of reach so small children don’t break priceless items. You hold everyone else to the high standard you have always held yourself to, and you see no reason why that should be a problem. Best of all? You’re ON TOP of donating LAST YEAR’S BACKPACKS AND LUNCH BOXES because of course your kids got new ones this year. Heaven forbid their friend’s mom remember they used the Star Wars lunchbox last year – it definitely will be Bluey this year.

The BEST NEATLY BALANCED MEMBERSHIP PLAN for you is the JOY package because you are so on top of planning ahead and maintaining organization (while the kids are out of the house and at school) that you have already scheduled out the weekly visits we make for the entire year! Go you!

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