Neatly Balanced Membership Packages based on Enneagram number! (Type 2)

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Hi! It’s me. I’m the (It’s not a) problem…

No, seriously. It’s NEVER a problem or a bother to be ANY of the Enneagram numbers but some of us (ahem) are more neurotic (ie: we strive for excellence!) about it than others…But I AM a Type 2 Enneagram and in my humble opinion, we are the best because we are HELPERS and who doesn’t love and appreciate a helper?! Even as kids, (if you’re a product of the ’80’s like me) our mom’s would always say “Don’t you want to be mommy’s special HELPER?!?” like it was title to achieve. Since my birthday is in a couple days it was perfect timing to post this blog, talking about ME, today! =)

The downside (there’s a downside?!?!?!?!) to being a 2 is we are SUUUUUPER organized when it comes to others. We are ALL IN when it comes to helping others stay put together, and know where everything is, even if they are calling you while you are on vacation to ask if you can remember where they stored the photo album from Junior Year Spring Break trip to Florida 10 years ago – you DEFINITELY know where they put it because you pull it down and talk about all the fun times you had every. single. time. you. visit. Yes… We can and WILL put all the time in, creating ways to stay organized when others are concerned but we always put ourselves last, INCLUDING organizing our lives.

Sorting and storing things like waffle makers, coffee pots and ice cream makers is frustrating because they involve wires, small parts, and ALLLL THE pieces. Even the items that are not used every single day MUST be left out because so and so gave it to us as a wedding gift and JUST IN CASE they pop over from Idaho for a quick smoothie they NEED to know we LOVE the blender and use it – SEE????? While we know, cognitively that these things “should” be put into a cabinet or other storage space, we just can’t (won’t) risk upsetting those friends we haven’t seen in six years.

We certainly have a way we PREFER things to go but if it doesn’t get put where it belongs? No biggie…we care more about how things make us FEEL. We are the ones who have things we don’t even LIKE sitting out on shelves because our sweet Aunt Darla gave it to us when we were seven and we wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings should she come back to life (she died eleven years ago) and ever visit our new house that we’ve lived in for ten years.

On a positive note, everyone always feels super comfortable when visiting because your (our) spaces are welcoming, lived in and REAL life.

All that said, the BEST Neatly Balanced Package for Enneagram 2’s would be the EVERYTHING package because we are so busy helping everyone else organize their lives, we only have once every few months to focus on organizing our own life!

Yes, we Enneagram 2’s are DEFINITELY THE BEST =) although our significant others are shaking their heads because FINALLY they feel understood and seen, right about now.

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