Perfect Love

I want to begin by including something an unknowing 4-year-old said to me years ago that caused me to stop and think about EVERY thing a little more. It was said so innocently, about something completely different – but it left a profound effect on me; she said, “Don’t forget to say all you wanted to.” 

 Now read the rest of the story.

I don’t frequently write blogs like this, but I really felt led to, today. I hope you will read this with an open mind and understand I’m writing out of concern and love. I identify as a Christian and one thing we are commanded to be is an example, showing people Christ through the way we, who are Christians, live. I’ve heard sermons like this my entire life. Here I am, living in Nashville and meeting new people literally, every single day, in my line of work…but how many do I talk to about Christ? He is the single most important relationship in my life and is becoming more so on a daily basis. The older I get the more I realize I truly cannot go through one day without relying on Him to get me through it. I am not going to preach about all the “sins” or wrong things we do, because that’s not who I am, nor who I have ever been, and it’s also wrong. I’m not here to judge. I do things every day that I shouldn’t, but I am loved by God anyway. THAT is what I’m here to tell you about – Christianity is the only religion (that I’m aware of) where you don’t have to do ANYTHING to “get to God”….HE came to YOU! All you must do is accept His gift of salvation and choose to make a conscious effort every day to let Him control your life. 

He loves us IN SPITE of our failures, not because we’re “perfect”. He doesn’t command us to live perfect lives and never mess up – He is waiting with open arms for us to allow his love to cover us completely. I realize I have not always been the example I should be, and I don’t always live the life I should, but I am forgiven daily, and I strive daily to be a better person. If you have any questions or want to know more about salvation and God, please let me know. There is no way I can talk to each one of you and personally ask you to become a Christian, so this is the only way I know how to try. I don’t want to get to heaven one day and have ANY of you not be there too. The day will come, when we will have to live with the decision we made to either accept Christ or live without him forever. He doesn’t keep anyone out of heaven; it’s a decision he lets us make on our own. But to pass up God’s gift of salvation is choosing to live eternity without him. Please know I care about each of you. I have a renewed sense of urgency to let people know about Christ and His love every chance I get.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Michael Catt. He lived in Albany, GA – a city with a declining community. He was a Pastor of a church in the area (Sherwood Church) and one Sunday, while delivering his sermon, he challenged his congregation – “What would you do if you were CERTAIN you would not fail”? Slowly, people began offering suggestions of what they would like to one day try; until finally a man explained he wanted to make a film; a real movie. The pastor said “Let’s do it” and the idea was born. With one camera, a $20,000 budget and nothing but volunteers, they wrote a script, had church members donate props, lighting, food/drinks and they shot a movie right there in Albany, GA. He was initially shown to only a few theaters around the area, but later grew national attention and was eventually released on DVD. The movie? “Facing the Giants”. Once the nation heard of the movie, it received tons of positive press and did well in DVD sales. 

A few years later, after signing Kirk Cameron to play the lead role, Sherwood Church shot another low-budget movie in the area, with only a few “upgrades” to the set. This movie? “Fireproof” – which received national media attention and did well in the theaters and DVD sales. A few years after that. they released their biggest movie yet – supported by former NFL Coach and Christian, Tony Dungy, “Courageous”. A movie about the importance of positive and uplifting role models and being courageous in a world of cowards. I was recently informed of this powerful and moving story, and it has not left my mind since. Many of us have lofty dreams, which we assume will never amount to more than an idea because we are too afraid of failure. But what if we took a step of faith instead? Only God knows what the possibilities could be. The object of this blog/story? NOTHING is impossible with God. Remember, if He brings you TO it, He will also take you THROUGH it.

 **Shadows are just proof that there is a light, somewhere.**

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