An Instant

It’s been a while. 

There has been much to say, at times, and other times, there has been nothing. 

Isn’t that how it goes, though? 

When we have  much on our mind to share, no one is around. 

When we want to sit in our silence, people are EVERYWHERE. 

Silence is becoming an epidemic. 

We are silent on feeling stressed out.

We are silent on bad relationships.

We are silent on wayward kids.  

We are silent on job pay. 

We are silent on (any type of) abuse.

We are silent on unfair treatment of various individuals who aren’t like us.

And the list goes on and on. 


We are “busy”. 

Everyone is busy. 

Too busy. 

Reality is, life is insane. Everyone seems to say that, lately. 

Me? I’m busy trying to pretend I’m too busy to care about things. 

Isn’t that what everyone is doing, though? 

Staying busy. 


Is it because being busy causes us not to be able to think?

Or feel? 

Or remember?

Or hurt? 

Being too busy is a part of life. 

We see hurting people but we don’t have time to stop and give them a hug. 

We see marriages end, children succumb to bad decisions, 

people die, people with sickness, and we pretend we didn’t know. 

We see hungry people on the sidewalk holding signs for help but 

if we give them food or money, we are “adding to the problem”, and 

we don’t want to give the wrong impression. 

So we drive on. 

Seems just yesterday, life was all about people… 

Friendships, family, get togethers and cookouts, parties and playdates 

and helping those less fortunate.

Now we write a check or drop off unused (and usually, broken) toys and clothes 

at a shelter and call it a “donation”. 

But really, is it? 

Or are we just dumping our trash somewhere other than the cans outside.

We used to be all about community and support groups.  

Now, I can’t recall the last time I saw any friends in the city where I live.

My best friend and her family spent my birthday weekend with my family a few years back, 

and at one point, I thought, 

“How sad (But AMAZING. I love her. She is the best!)

 is it that my BFF can find time and work around multiple schedules

to spend a weekend together out of town,

 but back home we can’t find time for dinner?”

Before you stop reading and write me off as petty, let me explain what I’m trying

 (and probably failing miserably) to say –

Busyness is an achievement, these days.  

It’s the pinnacle, to be able to say “I can’t get together. We are just SO BUSY”. 

It almost seems unacceptable to say “how can I help?” or “lets get together”, etc. 

I am guilty of all of this. 

So are most of us. 

I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time. 

My husband usually gets the “crumbs” of what’s left of me. 

But, sadly, isn’t this how most of us live our lives? 

Parents work, kids go to school, have after school sports and various activities.

Before you know it, its rush home for quick dinner, finish homework, feed kids,

baths and then bed. Just to get up and do it again tomorrow. 

Where is our socializing? 

Where is our “How are you, REALLY?” time with wine and girlfriends?

Where is the “let’s shoot pool, have a beer and catch up” for guys? 

When are kids allowed to just be kids and run around outside? 

I have been much more observant the past couple of months, 

and everywhere I look, people are plugged in. 

There are plugged into an outlet, working on their laptops,

texting, typing on their phones, ear buds in, world and noise shut out. 

I rarely see people laughing, talking, engaging with one another. 

It makes me sad. 

In a world that is providing every way under the sun to stay “connected”, 

why aren’t we?

Why aren’t we connected to what actually matters? 

It’s doubtful that whatever tweet, insta post, 

facebook comment you miss will greatly impact your daily life. 

But what about that kid you ran past after school 

who made a choice that impacts the rest of his life 

and you weren’t there to talk him out of it? 

What about the colleague who swipes an extra $100 

from the register and consequently loses her job 

that you didn’t take the time to ask WHY 

she needed the extra money that you could have given/lended her? 

What about the classmate who ate alone everyday

 that you always meant to ask to sit with you at lunch 

who got tired of feeling invisible and took his life?

Sometimes, all it takes is an instant to change someone’s life. 

An instant to change it for the GOOD.

An instant to change it for the BAD. 

Either way, a life can change in an instant, forever. 

Let’s take an instant to STOP being too busy. 

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