The MOST Wonderful Time of the Year?

It’s the Christmas song you hear CONSTANTLY, everywhere you go. 

Most of us walk on, oblivious to what has become nothing but a cacophony over time.

We are so caught up in the buying of gifts, which, let’s be honest, a month from now – heck a DAY from now, the kid you bought it for won’t even remember who gave it to them. 

We rush around like crazy people this time of year. 

It seems “To Do” lists, Christmas parties, people we buy gifts for as a way of showing how much we care, grows larger, and more stressful, each year, until the sentiment is completely and totally lost.

It is no longer a joy, a happy time, a “Kodak” moment, if you will, because we have allowed ourselves to become so worked up over whether or not we have purchased the “IT” gift, that we break out in sweats as each present is unwrapped, hoping for the expression of adoration we so wish to receive. 

It is truly a travesty. 

As we rush through the malls, lay on the horn as we are cut off in traffic yet again – “It’s the MOST Wonderful Time of The Year” are more than likely NOT the words we are uttering. 

But, they SHOULD be. 

It started out that way. 

On what was an ordinary night for the shepherds, the workers at various motels around Bethlehem, on that fateful night so long ago, it quickly became the MOST wonderful time of the year….or, really, of their lives. 

I’ve allowed myself the brief moments I can grab, while sitting in traffic and whatnot, to try and imagine what those people felt, and thought, the moment they first heard the Good News.  

What did the shepherds say to each other, as they first saw the host of angels appear in the sky? 

What did the inn keeper say when he/she discovered a baby had been born in the barn, where the animals slept and ate?

Can you imagine the look of astonishment as they realized a child was lying in the feeding trough?

Then, as it became clear this wasn’t just an average baby – but the Promised One? The Messiah? The Son of God?

I’d like to think I would have run home and grabbed all of my nicest items to bring and offer, as an attempt to provide as much comfort as possible for the new family. I would have offered to have them stay at my house – can you imagine, housing a KING? 

But then again, Christ is here. He is living in my heart, providing all my needs and most of my desires, and I rush through my days and weeks, with barely a quick acknowledgement of thanks as I scarf down my food, or as I’m hoping to make it through the yellow light, because I simply cannot get stuck at another red light. 

I murmur a “Please, Lord, let the light stay yellow…….THANKS!” And off I go, through the hustle and bustle of life. 

I have heard all my life about “entertaining angels unaware”, but the older I get, the more I actually consider this. 

We watch with anticipation when celebrities and members of the Royal Family make appearances or post to their social media accounts.

But, how excited do we get at the prospect of talking to Jesus – which we can do ANY TIME we want! Not very, I’m afraid.

Starting today, let’s make this truly the MOST wonderful time of the year. Let’s stop stressing over toys and presents, and perfect Christmas card photos, and let’s truly enjoy the miracle that is Christmas. 

For it really IS the MOST wonderful time of the year. It’s JESUS’ birthday. Let’s celebrate!!

~Merry Christmas! XOXOX

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