There is ALWAYS a next. 

Next day, next week, next job, next house, next word.

Seems we trudge through life, many days. 

Some days we run, skip, laugh, but many days are spent just trudging through. 

Just trying to make it to bedtime, 

when the day is done, 

the lights are off 

and we don’t have to be anything to anyone

Work is arduous, family time is demanding, and there never seems to be enough time to do it all. 

But what happens when all of that stops?

What happens when the job is gone? “Fired”, you hear, and you are shown the exit.  

What happens when the kids graduate and move out of the house? 

What happens when your spouse dies and you are suddenly alone?

What about when your relationship implodes and you feel uncared for? 

When your friends don’t have time for you, your phone doesn’t ring and emails aren’t returned…

What happens then? 

What happens NEXT?

You find out what REALLY matters. That’s what. 

You discover missing an episode (or the entire season) of your “favorite show” isn’t important. 

You realize all those burgers/fries/milkshakes aren’t going to work themselves off your hips.

You find the baby who once relied on you for everything is now a self sufficient adult. 

You find that life really isn’t about the BIG things. 

It’s all the little moments that often fall between the cracks and are over before you realize they began. 

THAT’S what happens…..NEXT.

When your plans go haywire, 

your “to-do” list is misplaced, 

and your friends are gone, 

you learn to dig deep. You trust your gut. 

When you meet someone new and you have no idea why – embrace it. Get their number and make plans. He/She could be your “forever”. 

When you find yourself physically impaired/sick/recovering – READ. Journal. PRAY. Call that friend you haven’t spoken to in a few weeks.  

When life gives you another chance….AGAIN, don’t waste it. 

When you find yourself questioning why things happen like they do, and why bad things happen to good people, and you begin making “deals” with God about all the things you’re going to change if He just bails you out of this thing ONE more time… STOP. 



Many times, it’s the lesson you need to learn, and you don’t even know it. 

What happens NEXT is crucial.



Let your heart go and love whole-heartedly. 

Clean out your closet. 

Help out the needy around you. 

Buy the person’s coffee behind you in the Starbucks Drive Through. 

You never know what may happen…..


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