“You can’t have it ALL, at the same time.” These words were said to me earlier this week, and have stuck with me ever since; everyday, all day, through many scenarios. Many people have heard the saying “You can’t have your cake, and eat it too” – which is also true. However, I prefer the first statement, because it encourages me with the implication that if I work really hard, and find myself willing to have some NOW, and the rest, LATER – I can indeed, have it all. 

Many people in our world today, especially those around my age, seem to assume (and expect!) they can have anything and everything, ANYTIME they choose. It’s definitely the “Instant Gratification” mindset, which is disturbingly inaccurate. When I think back to my grandparents, and how they earned their livings, not one of them ever said to me “My parents gave me a car when I was 16”, or “I wanted {this or that} so I bought it”. Absolutely not. They all worked their fingers to the bone, to make ends meet and provide the necessities for their families. It wasn’t about driving some flashy car, or living in a huge house, or vacationing to the most exotic places (Though both sets of grandparents vacationed in Hawaii, a place I have never been!)- it was about being content and appreciative for what you EARNED. It was never about “deserving” or “entitlement”. 

Which brings me to my new point; Entitlement. It’s a pretty safe bet that if asked, many of you would explain, you did NOT feel a sense of entitlement. However, many of us give off that vibe just by how we act, the things we say and do, and our expectations. Very few things in life, do we truly deserve. Most of the time, we get what we earn, or work towards. Do I want to be completely happy? Of course. Do I feel I “Deserve” that? No. I have done many things in life, intentionally and unintentionally that should not be overlooked, even forgiven, possibly. But I strive to become a better person, every single day I am given by God. Life throws many curve balls our way – but how we react to them, is completely up to us. Don’t let yourself be someone others look at as a “has-been” or someone who never lived up to their full potential. Be the best you can possibly be, every single day. After all, you only have today – you are not promised tomorrow. So make the most of the time you are given, and take every opportunity to let those in your life know how much they mean to you. No one will ever die, thinking they were told “Thank you”, “You’re my best friend, or “I love you” too much. 

So many thought constantly float around in my head. At times, I feel it could literally explode. I’m always thinking up new ideas, new plans, new ways of doing things in a more timely fashion, things I want to do in the future, career/strategic moves, etc. It is sometimes very cool, and sometimes, absolutely exhausting. But it’s how I’m wired. The biggest problem I have with how my mind works, is when I’m ready and willing to fall asleep at night, often my mind is NOT. I simply can’t turn it off. If only shutting your mind down was as easy as shutting down a computer! Recently, while staring at the ceiling around 3am, I began thinking about people in my life and trying to understand the circumstances that lead them here. I firmly believe everyone in our life is there for a specific purpose. Some people are meant to be life long friends, others for a specific season or time. There are people in my life I don’t communicate with on a regular basis but I know for certain, when I need advice, they will be there. Others are my prayer warriors. When I need something prayed for and want someone to truly intercede on my behalf, there are very specific people whom I ask for prayer. Others are great lunch dates, shopping partners, movie pals, etc. However, there are a handful of people who are in my life, one way or another, whose purpose I cannot, for the life of me understand. Perhaps it has just not yet been made clear, and one day it will be – but it literally kept me up one night!! “Why in the world is so-and-so here?!” I kept asking myself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want certain people OUT of my life….well, there are a couple…..never mind. =)

It’s hard to walk away from someone, who may never live up to the desires or expectations you have for them; but it’s even harder, when YOU see their potential, and they don’t.

Words do no justice in trying to describe the blessings Christ continues to pour into my life. I am beyond blessed to do what I do, travel to amazing places and meet some of the people to have entered my life. I take nothing for granted and thank God daily for His love, mercies which are new each day, blessings and continued watch and protection for my family and those I love.

I hope this will be a fantastic year for you and yours, as well. 

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