The Beauty of Life, Death and Friendships

Most people can see the beauty that is the gift of life.  Waking up and seeing gardens in full bloom, falling asleep to the sounds of rain on the roof and running through a field of tall grass…
All are signs of life. 
Our animals/pets are also tangible signs of life. Their yapping, barking, licking at our faces after a long day of work, Their purring…(and whatever else cats do. I’m allergic, and not a fan. Sorry-not-sorry)
Or, for those who love larger animals, riding on a horse at full gallop, or exploring a zoo and viewing the huge giraffes, elephants, lions and tigers (oh my!) on display…
More signs of life. 
Life is beautiful, raw, brutal, rewarding, breathtaking, and wild almost all at the same time. 
It is not too difficult to acknowledge the blessing that is life. 

Another part of living is dying, though.Not many people choose to see the gift that is, death. Yet, one thing is certain; if you are born, you are going to die. What happens AFTER you die, is the gift you leave, while living. 
The epitaph. 

It’s the dash on your grave between the year you were born and the year you die. There have been numerous songs written, poems read and words spoken about it. The epitaph is your gift to those still living, after you die,because it explains HOW you lived. 

Simply put, love and LIFE is what you leave behind for those you love, after you’re gone. 
In talking to someone recently about death and loss I said, “There will come a day when you wake up and they aren’t the first thing you think of. It will always hurt, and birthdays, special days, etc will still be hard – always. BUT, those who pass away leave those of us here a gift – their epitaph.
HOW they lived.

In the past few days (and really, all along)
there have been numerous tragedies and suicides.

After reading story after story about celebrities and famous people
who, to us “normal people” seemed to have it all,
I can’t help but ask “why”??

Often, I find myself saying “If I were this/that
or if I had this much money I would be so happy”!

Isn’t that how so many of us live?

Yet somehow, even those who seem to have so much MORE, are not satisfied.

Even more common, they are lonely.

They feel like no one cares.

What if WE were the one person they wanted to hear from,
catch up with,
ask out on a date,
grab coffee or go see a movie with?

In the rush of today’s society, where everyone is “so busy”
we forget the simple way of life that used to be common.


I can’t count the times we would pull up to my grandparent’s house
and see them talking to neighbors,
or sitting on the porch talking to friends.

It was a simple way of life, with no one in a rush to get anywhere
or leave to get to the next appointment.

It’s a life I miss.

So often, a friend will call/text to get together,
and it’s back and forth
about how this week is so busy,
 or I’m working late, etc.
While we can’t always control our work schedules,
we CAN control outside influences that we allow to control much of our free time…
Cell phones, Social Media, DVR’d TV shows, etc.

You never know when the day will come that you can no longer
call or text that person you put off.
One never knows when they will no wake
to see another day.

So let this be a reminder;
When someone calls you, answer – or call them back that day.

When someone sends a text, respond!

When a friend asks you to catch up;drinks, dinner, coffee, a walk – GO!

It’s a blessing and privilege to have people who care for us.

Don’t take it for granted.

And if you have the extra $5, treat them to a coffee or something.
A little bit goes a long way. =)

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