Last Turn Home

They say you can never go back home…
For a very long time, that was fine with me, because I didn’t think I’d ever WANT to. 

Life, and time, have a peculiar way of making you eat your words. 

In case you don’t know,  I call Nashville home. 

Living here for the rest of my life is not an idea that would upset me. 

However, as age descends upon me, and the trips home are less frequent, I find myself thrilled at the ability and plan of going home….to visit only, of course 😉

There is just something about the comfort of knowing exactly where and when the next bend in the road will be, 

when the curves are difficult, and force you to slow down, and when you know they’re not as bad as they may seem, and you can cruise right through them.

Life is much the same way, isn’t it?

We wish we could wake up, and know exactly what the day holds.

We want reassurance that no harm will come to those we love.

We wish to bypass all the curves that life can bring, and skip the traffic jams that are lessons in life.

But, we cannot.

Life is all about the curves, the changes, the uphills and downhills,

the traffic jams – along with the no traffic days, when everything seems to go right.

Sadly, there aren’t as many of the “traffic-less” days as we’d hope for….

But still, we long for the days of ease,

much like we experienced as youngsters,

back home….

Yes, there is something about knowing you’re going to wake up,
in a bed that’s all too familiar, and comfortable,
of knowing there will be no judgement,
even if you remain in sweats and a ponytail all day.

There is something almost magical about feeling like a TRUE kid again,
knowing your mom will make the delicious cinnamon rolls you grew up craving, on Sunday mornings,
that your sister will have a huge pot of coffee brewing, for whenever you want refills,
of knowing your secrets are safe, 
your hugs are returned warmly,
and everyone knows your name. 
(Well, it’s not ALWAYS a great thing. Sometimes there IS judgement when you know you’ll see people you know, and all you really want to do is walk around in your hoodie, and a hat/ponytail and NOT see anyone you know. HA!)

Home may be where your heart is….
maybe “home” brings back horrible memories, 
maybe it makes you feel UNsafe, UNloved, and miserable. 

But, just maybe….Home is where you never really left, anyway. 
Where you’re always welcomed back, even if only briefly, 
and where you roam those curves in the road like only someone who is from there, can. 

Yes, maybe you CAN go back home. 

And, maybe, its actually better than you even remembered. 

My hometown will always have my heart, and each time I hear THIS (click the link)  song by Tim McGraw. It stirs everything that my hometown is, to me, back up, in my heart.  

So grateful for the 21.5 years I had in my hometown, and for all the surrounding areas I also call “home”. 

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