Smelling Roses

Thought I’d share a few pictures I’ve taken over time that brought little reminders to me, and I hope they do, to you, too.

STOP! And smell the roses, or pick some, if you have them growing in your garden! Flowers can brighten any day, and better any mood.

EAT! Healthy, that is. This picture is a spinach salad, with a few carrots, avocado, tomatoes, quinoa, Cucumbers, a SPRINKLING (not much!) of feta cheese and a drizzle of raspberry vinagairette dressing. Yummy! You’ll feel proud of yourself for eating something healthy, instead of those chips!

Get a dog! Ha! Or, if you already have one, live like her, and take is easy! After all, it IS a “ruff” life! =)

TAKE A HIKE! Or, atleast a walk. This was taken on my morning walk on the greenway, near my house. Talk about having a clear mind. How can you focus on stressful things when you are looking at THIS?!

 Look at tall buildings. Sounds crazy, but seriously, when I’m able, I go walk downtown (Nashville) or, as this picture was taken, around NYC. There are so many beautiful buildings, its hard not to get lost in the beauty. The Freedom Tower reminds me all that was lost, and how, although you can rebuild, you will never, ever forget what you lost. It’s memory at its purest form.


 Challenge yourself! Whatever it is; running a race, walking half a mile, climbing a mountain, eating healthy for a week, donate $100 to charity…whatever it is, push yourself towards reaching the goal. When you do, you’ll feel like a ROCK STAR!!

 Get Outta Here!! Wherever makes you happiest – mountains, beach, or jungle – get outta town, and relax! Even a couple days will leave you feeling refreshed, and ready for a new day, and week!

 Grab a mic and SING! Do a karaoke night, open mic night, or writers night – if you are musical. It will give you the brief feeling of being “in the spotlight” and let you explore your talent!

 Take a moment and look around you. There is beauty everywhere. More than anything else in this world, be thankful. All you have has been GIVEN, to YOU. You have exactly what you need. No more, no less. Learn to trust. Learn to let go. Learn to love. Learn to be.

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