Changing Time

A new blog entry has not been written for lack of ideas or possible topics, but rather to give me time to adequately process my thoughts.  Things occur on a daily basis that propel me towards blogging, but then I stop and think about the situation and oftentimes, my thoughts completely change. At the very least, they diminish in relevance.

The thing is, the subject of time has been weighing heavily on my mind, lately. Time doesn’t go by in the same pace as it once did. As a child, you would be told Christmas or your Birthday was in “one week”, and it felt like  7 days took forever to pass by. As a teen, you thought about Graduation, or turning 16 and six months seemed to go by at a snail’s pace. Then you looked forward to college ending and becoming a “real” adult by turning 21 – and it seemed like one year took 5 to arrive. Now, as adults – whether in your 30’s or 60’s – days turn to weeks and weeks, to months, seemingly in the blink of an eye.  Time truly stops for no one.

Time certainly changes everything it touches; Circumstances that seem  insurmountable, become less daunting as time passes. Hurt lessens, love fades, viewpoints lose their significance, and words lose their value. Very few things become more valuable as time goes by. One of the only things to actually become MORE valuable as time goes by, is respect.

In my own life, I can remember hurts I had in high school – by boys as well as friends – that I thought I’d never get over. I remember getting a bad grade on a test in college and thinking it was the worst thing that could EVER happen. I got food poisoning during Christmas break of my Senior year in college, from eating a bell pepper; It took me YEARS to eat peppers again. I had never been that sick in my entire life! When moving to Nashville at the ripe old age of 22, thinking I had life completely figured out, simply because I was a college graduate (!!!!) and realizing very quickly that it would take some time to learn and navigate the back roads and shortcuts when facing rush hour traffic. Over and over again, time forced me to realize it ALWAYS changing things….Whether I wanted it to, or not.

There are some things, however that don’t, and won’t ever change, no matter how much time passes. Stupidity, Selfishness, Hatred, Judgement, Hypocrisy, Criticism, Bullying….These are just a few of the things that never seem to change, no matter how many hundreds of years go by. Regardless of ethnicity, race, sex, religion, or political affiliation; some people are never going to grow up, change their ways, or show respect.
People are so quick to share their opinion, but so slow to listen to another’s opinion on the same topic.
We all jump to conclusions about matters entirely none of our business. Those against something politically or religiously are the first to attack the people who are on the other side of the fence and vice versa.  If we all spent as much time forgiving and loving, as we spend judging and criticizing, we would ALL be happier. So much time is spent trying to please those in higher regard then ourselves, when in reality we should focus on pleasing the only One who truly matters. Fight less. Love More. Honor One. Respect All.

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  1. This one sunk deeper ” If we all spent as much time forgiving and loving, as we spend judging and criticizing, we would ALL be happier”

    Thank you.

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